4 tips to ensure your trip to the airport is stress-free

Most airports are somewhat confusing, so there are times when you often look at signs and don’t get where you are supposed to go. When you travel long routes or you are on a tight schedule, it is incredibly frustrating to try and find the exit, the bus or train stop, the line of taxis, etc.

For every issue you have in life, there is a service to help you. So, there is that one service meant to help you get into the city from airport: the chauffeur airport transfer. A chauffeur in a business attire will be waiting for you, they will collect you from the airport and get you to your hotel or meeting in good time.

But if you want this service to become even more helpful for you, let’s review together some tips, the most important four ones, when it comes to airport drop-offs and pickups. Thus, your transfer will go as smoothly as possible.

Your mobile phone is extremely important

The car service and the chauffeur need to be able to get in touch with you at any moment you are on the ground. Most chauffeur services that provide airport transfers are requesting you contact mobile at the time of the booking. Failing to do so might be a sign for you to stay away. The chauffeur needs to get in touch with you in case they are not able to reach the pickup point, or you miss the pick-up time, or you cannot find them. It is very important for them to have a permanent contact with you.

Don’t forget to turn off airplane mode once you land1 Also do not forget to keep your phone charged. If you are the one that talks a lot on it or if you were binging some downloaded Netflix on the plane, do not forget to get a power bank with you. Even if the chauffeur has your right number, if your phone dies, they will not be able to get in touch.

Save more time for international flights

When you travel internationally, the check-in times might be longer than usual. So, when you plan a pick-up time for an airport transfer take into consideration the time to travel from the hotel to the airport. And when it comes to international flight consider two full hours more for check-in and boarding. If you are not really sure how much the trip from pickup to airport will take, don’t be afraid to call or contact by any means the chauffeur service you are booking and get their advice on this. Chauffer services use local drivers therefore they will be able to know and estimate travel time during various parts of the day and during specific seasons.

Know your bookings information

You need to have your reservation number always at hand. And I am not talking only about the car booking, but also any other. The chauffeur service usually tracks the bookings according to the reservation number and not your name, writing down in a handy place or putting it down in your mobile, is a good idea because it ensures you always have it there, near you. Any issue you might encounter along the way that might need you calling the company will probably be needing your booking number.

Also, do not forget to keep your flight number close. It is important because if your flight gets delayed or changes gates last minute, the chauffeur which will be watching the arrivals screens will be able to track you by flight number.

Keep your chauffeur in the loop

Keep in contact with the chauffeur assigned to you. Most chauffeur services will send you a message or a push notification one fay before or some hours before your flight lands and they let you know the details of your chauffeur: name and contacts. Even if they know and they can track your flight and the changes to its schedule, there is always a good idea to let them know yourself.

There are instances when the displays in an airport, even a big one, might not work, or the reservation systems could be down. There are various things that might happen, so you better be the one that lets the chauffeur know your flight is delayed or cancelled or the terminal or gate are changed.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to enjoy a perfectly comfortable and nice ride to or from the airport. You’ve already made the first step towards a great trip, that is booking a chauffeur service, so with just a little care you can be completely happy.

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