Criteria to Follow to choose the right Chauffeur Shuttle or VIP Service in Germany

Home Home Blogs When it comes to transportation, a good chauffeur shuttle or VIP service can make all the difference. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, having a reliable and professional transportation service can enhance your experience and ensure that you arrive at your destination safely and comfortably. In this article, we will […]

Rent the vehicle with a roof box

Home Home Blogs Traveling with a van and a roof box has many advantages that make it a popular option for adventure seekers. Below are some of the key benefits. STM Limousines is able to make this possible for you Flexibility: One of the biggest advantages of traveling with a van and a roof box […]

Why rent a car with chauffeur for airport transfers

Home Home Blogs Traveling is simply part of life for most people. After all, traveling is where the most interesting and exciting adventures are had and memories are created that will be remembered much later. However, it doesn’t take much for a nice trip to turn into a rather stressful and unpleasant experience. And this […]

Your guide to Munich International Airport

Home Home Blogs The Munich airport is the second busiest airport in Germany after Frankfurt. It is also considered one of the top airports in Europe and has an immense amount of air traffic daily. Most of Lufthansa’s flight, which goes all over the world, have a Munich connection. The Munich airport is the second […]

Your Munich Euro 2021 Chauffeur

Home Home Blogs There are a few sports in the world, if any, that are so loved as football is. Football it created friendships that last forever, or it can break families or even trigger riots. People all over the world are incredible passionate about this ball sport. They paint their face in the colors of […]

What Can A Chauffeur Service Do for Your Business Trip?

Home Home Blogs Planning a trip is not an easy task even when you go in vacation or just for a city break. Planning a business trip is even more challenging. Getting in time everywhere could prove a very difficult task to accomplish. And that is because there are other services you depend on, not just […]

Your guide for Oktoberfest in Munich

Home Home Blogs I’ve got three nice clues for you: beer, festival, Germany. So, did you guess it already? I am talking of course about one of the biggest festivals in Europe: Oktoberfest. I’ve got three nice clues for you: beer, festival, Germany. So, did you guess it already? I am talking of course about […]

4 tips to ensure your trip to the airport is stress-free

Home Home Blogs Most airports are somewhat confusing, so there are times when you often look at signs and don’t get where you are supposed to go. When you travel long routes or you are on a tight schedule, it is incredibly frustrating to try and find the exit, the bus or train stop, the line […]

Ski in Bavaria with the best shuttle services

Home Home Blogs If you love skiing, you should definitely visit Munich. Munich is located in southern Bavaria and is only a stone’s throw away from the most popular ski resorts in the region. Germany doesn’t have as much skiing places as France or Austria, but here you can find an excellent base for skiers […]

Luxury bus on the street

Home Home Blogs The car Traveling first class is not only possible in the air, but also on the streets of the Bavarian capital. And quite simply, in our luxury bus, a Mercedes Benz First Class, the nonplus ultra when it comes to coaches. It starts here in a very elementary way, with the seating […]