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Who does not the benefits and comfort of a Luxury Sprinter? Moving around in the city is often not an easy task, especially for larger groups. Sometimes half of the group misses the subway or does not find a seat at peak times, and sometimes the other half in the city center turns wrong and gets lost in the big city crowd. There are plenty of alternatives to public transport in the market. One of the better ones we have on offer – in the form of a Luxury Sprinter, if it may be something special.

A look in the vehicle

Our Mercedes Sprinter is not the kind of Sprinter you may already know about moving and moving furniture, quite the contrary. Inside you can expect 16 to 19 full-sized seats, each in full leather and with a comfortable seat pitch, so that longer trips are not only easy but also comfortable. For entertainment while driving, a modern DVD and multimedia system. WLAN is also on board and should the battery be insufficient, each seat is equipped with its own USB charging socket. For refreshments in the Luxury Sprinter, of course, provided. Both a coffeemaker and a fridge (stocked with drinks and snacks on request) are part of our luxurious standard amenities. You have to do something on your laptop at short notice or just want to play a game of cards with your fellow passengers? No problem. Between 4 seats is a conference table that allows you to sit together in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the time or simply do a little work – almost like a living room and office on wheels. Thanks to automatic climate control, you will not sweat, no matter how warm or cold it may be outside.

Storage space without end

19 passengers mean a lot of luggage. Whether only jackets and a few backpacks or actually large and bulky trunks – in the large trunk of our Luxury Sprinter finds (almost) everything a good and safe place. The big vehicle meets every demand. The storage space is not just for your luggage, but also for you, the passengers. Let us load your luggage safely while you make yourself comfortable in the car’s compartment. For example, together with your work colleagues.

Your company outing

You would like to organize an unforgettable trip for your employees? Rent one, two or even three Luxury Sprinter as you please, including the driver or guide, leaving the rest of the organization to us. We will collect you and your team at a predetermined location and bring you comfortably and safely to your destination. If you are planning a city tour or a trip to / through the Bavarian countryside, just ask us for tips, we will be happy to help you or put together an individual tour for you.

Whether a tour of the city with pre-planned stops, a trip into the green with a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle and Co. or just a nice ride to the nearest hiking area – we are in any case for you yes. Believe us, our vehicle fleet including the trained staff will leave a lasting impression on you and your team.

Depending on the season

Our Luxury Sprinter is always worthwhile, no matter if summer, winter, spring or autumn. In summer, the air conditioning system provides a pleasant coolness, which can be beneficial, especially after a long day out in the fresh air. On the contrary, the heater guarantees a warm, cuddly atmosphere on frosty winter days. So the way becomes more the goal and less the annoying obstacle. In winter, the spacious and comfortable Luxury Sprinter offers especially for trips to nearby ski resorts and hiking areas. You can easily stow your gear in the trunk and enjoy the ride through the snow-covered mountains. The following ski resorts are particularly well suited for a long trip: Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Bavarian Alps), slopes in the Black Forest or, a little fancier, in Kitzbühel, so once across the border into neighboring Austria. Enjoy the ride with your friends, family or colleagues, play a round of cards at the conference table or sink into one of the comfortable leather armchairs and share your impressions on social networks – no problem thanks to Wi-Fi

  • Luxury Sprinter for your Event
  • City Tour with Luxury Sprinter
  • Luxury Sprinter for 8 – 20 passengers at the highest level
  • Luxury Sprinter for Crew Transfers
  • Luxury Sprinter for Trade Fair Transfers and demanding Business customers in Munich
  • Luxury Sprinter for Wedding in Munich
  • Luxury Sprinter for Oktoberfest and day trips
  • Luxury Sprinter for Airport Transfer

Just ask

You are not sure what you can or want to offer your guests? Take a look at our homepage or ask directly. From city tours to castles tours through the Bavarian countryside to shopping trips, we have everything on offer. In the cold season, we also show you on request the most beautiful Christmas markets in the city, so you can enjoy a hot punch and a delicious meal.

On request, one of our (multilingual) tour guides accompanies you to the most beautiful places. Whether German, English, Spanish, Italian or Russian – no problem for us. If you do not need a guide, we will of course only provide you with one of our reliable drivers. He likes to drive you to the Oktoberfest, or to the Oktoberfest, as we like to say here in Munich.

Oktoberfest Delicacies

At the biggest folk festival in the world, there is plenty to see, eat and, of course, drink, if you want. Get picked up by our Luxury Sprinter and drive directly to the festival grounds. Your jackets, valuables or other possessions are best left in the car under the care of their driver, so make sure that nothing is stolen, the Oktoberfest is a paradise for pickpockets. After a hopefully long and successful evening with plenty of beer and Bavarian specialties, we will pick you up and your party after consultation and bring you on request home or to your next destination. The night is still young after all. 🙂

Treat yourself to something

Our Luxury Sprinter is indeed a vehicle for every occasion, but still something very special. And a special car, combined with exceptional service, will make for an excellent day. Munich offers not only the Oktoberfest and countless sights, but also a lot of romantic places and churches, which are suitable for a wonderful wedding.

Love counts

The most beautiful day in the life of many people is their wedding day. Especially the bride usually takes care of the event location, the food, the seating arrangements, the gifts, the music, and so on and so forth. But we think that this day should also be there to enjoy, so let us help make this event a memorable one. Exactly out of this concern has emerged one of our offers: We look after trips and / or a shuttle service for wedding parties, even over several days. Whether from the hotel to the venue or day trips with the entire group – we are happy to organize everything for you. Imagine, you invite your family & friends to Munich. A terrible mess with many many good-humored people. Upon request, we will pick up your guests from the train station or the airport and bring them safely and relaxed into their accommodation. In addition, we are guided by your ideas. Whether in the church or directly to the wedding location – just as you want. On request, we can also equip your Luxury Sprinter with appropriate drinks, so that even your journey with a glass of champagne in your hand becomes an unforgettable shared experience for your guests.

Round trip

After your celebration, we will bring your guests safely back to your accommodation. For example, we organize a shuttle service that moves between event location and accommodation within a certain period of time. Especially after a few glasses of champagne, it is important that none of your guests sits down to the wheel for sheer arrogance. 🙂 Also waiting for a taxi or Uber fails, we pick you up on time and reliable.

As you can see – at an event in which the love of two people is in the foreground, we also act lovingly, especially in the love of details. So you can take care of your guests and the celebration completely stress-free, while the logistical and organizational aspects are in our hands. We were able to inspire you about our offer? Then just read on.

Booking and organization

So you want to take advantage of one of our offers, but do not know how to proceed and what would be the best solution for you? No problem. Just call us during office hours or send us an e-mail with your ideas and ideas. Then we can put together the perfect package for your wedding, team event or other gatherings. From the choice of the car over the exact number, to pick up times and detailed route plans, we can make you an individual offer. Incidentally, the aforementioned luxury Sprinter, which was frequently mentioned here, is far from the only model in our large, modern fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. From vehicles for 2-3 people, for example, a Mercedes S-Class to the big bus for entire football teams and more, we have everything in the program and look forward to your request.

A short overview of our offers

We offer city tourscastle tours in Bavaria, Christmas markets at Christmas time and shopping tours in the center of Munich. In addition, but also airport and aircraft crew transferstrade fair and event serviceski transfers, an Oktoberfest shuttleweddings and, last but not least, a high-quality, medical transfer should be necessary.

About us


Since the company was founded in 2013, we can look back on a good and steady development, for which we would like to thank you as our customer. With our name STM (Société de Transport de Munich), we stand for a dynamic and flexible service aimed at individuals as well as business customers. Our international team will be happy to take care of you and will be glad about every contact.

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