Limousines and Chauffeur Service in Munich

A few words about our Limousines and Chauffeur Services

We drive – You travel !

again in German:

Wir fahren – Sie reisen !

This is not only our slogan but also our motto at the same time, as we are first and foremost a service provider, more precisely a Limousines and Chauffeur Service. However, this does not only include the provision of a well-maintained vehicle and a well-trained driver, but also a certain service.

What really matters

We do not want to be a provider like any other. STM is not just about the obvious, namely the cars and drivers, but also about the interpersonal, namely our relationship with the customer. That is what distinguishes us from many others and what we are proud of.

You will notice it during the booking process. You do not need a perfect plan to make a booking with us. It’s enough if you have an idea, an idea of ​​what you want. Come up to us with this idea in mind (write us an e-mail, call us or just drop by) so we can work together to create a travel plan for you. No matter if a lavish wedding with 200 guests, which could need a reliable shuttle service or a business trip including a visit to the fair for you and your colleagues.

All this and much more we have on offer, you can look best on Since 2013 we have steadily expanded our product range and gained a lot of experience.


Not only a wide range of offers is important, but also an experienced troupe, who stands behind it and ensures a smooth process. Since we have been working in the service industry for several years for Limousine and Chauffeur Service in Munich, we have developed a good feeling for you as a customer. We can assess how we can help you if you do not have a clear idea. That starts with the vehicle class. Do you need a chic S-Class or would a minibus be more appropriate for your purposes?


No matter what you need, Limousines Bus or Chauffeur Service, we have for everything any offer. On our homepage you will find all our vehicles listed, including the most important facts. Are you missing some important information? Just ask.

To ensure that our fleet is always up to date, it is upgraded and renewed every three years. The new car feeling is always with us on board. However, we are not only flexible in the choice of vehicle, but also in all other parts of our offer.

  • Limousines and Chauffeur Service for your Event.
  • City Tour with Limousines and Chauffeur Service.
  • Limousines and Chauffeur Service for 1 – 55 passengers at the highest level.
  • Limousines and Chauffeur Service for Crew Transfers.
  • Limousines and Chauffeur Service for Trade Fair Transfers and demanding Business customers in Munich .
  • Limousines and Chauffeur Service for Wedding in Munich.
  • Limousines and Chauffeur Service for Oktoberfest and day trips.
  • Limousines and Chauffeur Service for Airport Transfer.


For us, being flexible means not only that you find exactly the right vehicle for your purposes. Being flexible also means that we are happy to tailor our offer to your individual needs. Let’s take our popular castle tour as an example. A magical journey in which you visit two famous castles in Bavaria together with us, including a shopping tour and a typical Bavarian lunch break. However, the tour in this form is just a suggestion, worked out according to our personal taste and the experience of the past.

Would you like to visit a specific castle or your favorite castle? No problem for us. In close cooperation with you, we are happy to work out the perfect tour.


The immediate proximity to the customer is an important service criterion for us. After all, we do not want to sell soulless products to our customers at inflated prices, quite the opposite. A good relationship between customer and seller builds on trust, which comes mainly through close collaboration. Over the years we have been able to collect a few regular customers who book us for each of their trips (whether private or business) to Munich. Simply because you know exactly what you can expect from our service.

About our offer

One thing we can assure you is that you get exactly what you expect for your money – and hopefully a little more.

The agony of choice starts with the right vehicle type. Whether a sedan from Audi (Audi A8 L) or Mercedes (S 500L) or something larger, for example, the Mercedes V-Class or The Mercedes Sprinter. We have everything on offer. For larger gatherings also a large luxury bus; very similar to the vehicle that the German national team uses so often.

There are no limits to your imagination when booking. For example, how does a motorcade sound like for a wedding, consisting of 10 black S-Class? You will definitely be noticed, that’s for sure. That’s not all.

Your Chauffeur Service in Munich

Of course, you do not have to drive yourself to make your stay in the car as stress-free as possible. We are happy to provide you with one of our highly qualified and well-trained drivers. Would you like to communicate with your driver in English, Spanish, Italian or any other language? Just let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.

If a good Limousine Bus and Chauffeur Service is not quite enough for your purposes, we will provide you with a tour guide on request. So you not only enjoy a comfortable and stress-free ride, but also benefit from the knowledge of your tour guide.

Tour guides on tour

A good tour guide is suitable for many different situations. For example – very simple – for a trip through the city. Instead of googling all the sights or having to look it up in the city guide, just ask your personal guide. He accompanies you not only in the car but also when going for a walk or even during the lunch break if you want. Our Chauffeur and the guides are not only knowledgeable about the city and can give you important information about the Frauenkirche, Allianz Arena and the English Garden. Culture is also at the top of the list. For example, how do you eat a Weisswurst without being noticed in Bavaria? Not easy…

For the same reasons, a tour guide also pays for trips to the countryside, for example during the aforementioned castle tour. Instead of pulling with a large group through the interiors of the castles and snapping a few words from the guides, who are far too far away from you, you can enjoy an exclusive private tour. Everything at your own pace, ask what you want and when you want. But it does not always have to be a vacation.

Special Occasions

A car with a driver is not only a smart thing on vacation, but also on many other occasions.

Munich is an important hub of the industry and therefore often the scene of major trade fairs or other international events. Also numerous concerts and outdoor events take place here. Whether the Security Expo in June or concerts by Bon Jovi and Pink, there is always something going on in Munich.

Are you yourself the organizer or participant of a smaller or larger event in Munich and still need support for the logistical implementation? Please feel free to contact us at any time. Together we create a perfectly coordinated concept for your project.

All nodes around the driving service of your event are meticulously planned by us. This ranges from the organization of the staff (for example, Limousine, Bus or Chauffeurs, dispatchers, and hostesses) to the desired vehicles in any number. For the shuttle service (for example, between the hotel where your guests spend the night and the venue) we work out an exact timetable so that none of your guests will need to call a taxi or wait unnecessarily long. Nobody should wait unnecessarily for his transfer to the airport – least of all the crew.

Airport transfer

Because of our proximity to the Munich Airport, we can meet you transfer requests from and to the airport even after short-term booking. We pick you up, depending on which, in the hotel or at the airport, take care of a befitting vehicle and your luggage. This is true not only when you travel as a passenger, but also for the crew of an aircraft. For a smooth process on board a punctual and well-rested crew is crucial – that’s what we stand for with our name. If your crew is from a non-German speaking country, simply request an English speaking driver so there are no communication difficulties during your stay.

How is a crew transfer at STM now? We pick up your crew by arrangement at the airport (choose the suitable vehicle from our fleet) and bring you to the booked hotel. Should there be leisure activities during your stay in the city that require a driver’s service, we are happy to assist you. On the day of departure, we will pick up the crew on time at the accommodation and bring you to the airport on the fastest way, but at the same time safe and comfortable. Your crew will only have to take a few steps to get to the airport building.

We look forward to you!

If you want to use one of our numerous offers in the context of a bus and limousine service in the future, do not hesitate to inform us. We are happy to help and advise you, so that nothing stands in the way of your next family vacation, your business trip or your big event.

Write us an e-mail or call us at the usual office hours in our headquarters. We are looking forward to working with you to create the perfect plan.

We are always there for you!

Your STM Bus, Limousines and Chauffeur Service Team.

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