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A minibus is a lot: comfortable, spacious, luxurious, exciting, and flexible. But he is certainly not one, namely boring. Just as compact cars are becoming increasingly popular, the segment of minibusses is also becoming ever more important, one of them the V-Class from Mercedes Benz, which you can also find in our range.

It is a very romantic thought. The whole family (or group, on request up to 9 people) in a single vehicle. However, if you do not want to travel far with your own vehicle, then you are in the right place. With our minibus, you’ll feel almost at home, even on vacation. Whereby the word “minibus” does justice to the vehicle in the finest way, it is anything but small, as you have already guessed at the maximum occupation of 9 passengers. With so many seats, almost every family member can choose their own favorite place – so that many a dispute could be avoided. The minibus is still too small for you? Of course, we also have much larger alternatives on offer. But let’s stay with the minibus for a few more moments, which should be the topic of today’s article. How does it look in the passenger compartment, especially when it comes to luxury and comfort?

Luxury in the Bus.

minibus is not the same in minibus after all. Unlike many others, our specimen has been blessed with a high-end finish. What does that cover? Among other things, comfortable leather swivel seats, a mini fridge, which is filled to your liking or even a multimedia system including Wi-Fi. Of course, the windows are darkened and the interior is insulated, so you have more or less a (not so small) living room on wheels for yourself and your family. A fully automatic air conditioning system is also installed, that goes without saying. So you can, regardless of the outside temperature, depending on the desire cuddly-warm or pleasant-cool travel.

Some other amenities are available on request. Including child seats for the smallest members of their family, safety is finally, special newspapers, for example, if you are a passionate reader of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, as a small treat but also snacks and sandwiches of your choice.

Tourism in Munich

Is a trip to Munich worth it? Munich is a very touristy city, especially in the summer and during the world famous Oktoberfest or, as we say in Munich, “the Oktoberfest”. Nevertheless, Munich is usually not as crowded as some other metropolis in Europe, but has kept its village charm to this day. So there are still many beautiful streets and districts that can be perfectly enjoyed from the car. As in other big cities, the subject of parking in Munich is not unimportant. For you, however – thanks chauffeur – not relevant. But again to Munich, what is there to discover?

Our insider tips

We call them insider tips, even though they may not be that secret anymore.

1) The Viktualienmarkt in the heart of the city center
With your minibus we drive you to the Viktualienmarkt, which invites you to stroll, watch and eat all year round. It is best to leave a little space in your stomach before going to market, you will need it. Here you will find culinary offers from all over the world, whether in the form of small restaurants or even fruit and vegetable stands. We can recommend, among other things, the ginger shot (Attention spicy!).

2) The English Garden

Especially in summer, the English Garden attracts a colorful mix of tourists and locals. Whether with a picnic in a meadow or in the beer garden at the Chinese Tower – everyone will find something here that they like. With your Mercedes minibus we drive you to the edge of the English Garden, so you have only a few steps to walk in front of you.

3) University district

The area around the Ludwig Maximilian University invites you to a leisurely stroll through the city on the morning or afternoon. Stop in between for an ice cream or cappuccino in one of the many small cafes, browse antique bookstores and enjoy the strikingly beautiful and classic architecture of the old buildings.

4) Gärtnerplatz

At least as beautiful as the university district is the area around the Gärtnerplatz, down to the Isar. After a leisurely stroll through the area you can call your chauffeur who drives you (as close as you can) to the banks of the Isar. Who knows, on a hot day you might even feel like a little refreshment. Whether in the form of ice cream or a swimming trip. 🙂

Just let your driver drop you off and pick you up later. It is hardly relaxed. You can leave personal belongings like bags, jackets, etc. in the minibus – your driver keeps an eye on your belongings. You see, a rental car with its own driver has some advantages.

  • Minibus for your Event.
  • City Tour with Minibus.
  • Minibus for 1 – 7 passengers at the highest level.
  • Minibus for Crew Transfers.
  • Minibus for Trade Fair Transfers and demanding Business customers in Munich .
  • Minibus for Wedding in Munich.
  • Minibus for Oktoberfest and day trips.
  • Minibus for Airport Transfer.
  • Whenever you want
  • The great thing about renting a car is its flexibility. They are not dependent on fixed departure times and do not have to be surprised by crowded public transport. Well, especially at the end of the day, there is also one or the other traffic jam in Munich. The can be in the comfortable minibus, however, well bear. The motto, however, is not just “whenever you want” but just as well “wherever you want”.We at STM offer you a flexible service that also relates to the selection of your travel destinations. So we do not pick you up whenever you want, but drive you wherever you go. Be inspired by our wide range of tours ( and write us an e-mail if you have any questions. We definitely recommend a nice mix of holiday in the city and in the countryside. Why?

Munich and surroundings

The Bavarian capital is ideal for a varied family holiday. Upon arrival, we will pick you up in the minibus from the airport or train station and bring you safely and quickly to your accommodation. The following program we can put together individually and according to your preferences.

However, a popular combination is – we can only recommend it – a mix of sightseeing in the city and country outings. There is not only the right car, but also an excellent guide, if you want. We start with a sightseeing tour of the city, past the main attractions, followed by a nice walk and a delicious, typical Bavarian meal (you know white sausages with pretzels and mustard?). Everything accompanied by your guide, who guides you, can give you exciting information about the sights and beyond that certainly one or the other secret tip. If you want to explore the city yourself, you can rent the Kleinbuch just with a chauffeur. Either way, you do not have to worry about anything and can enjoy the ride, only with your family.

After the city tour you are certainly tired and enjoy a relaxed and quiet evening with your family before we pick you up in the Mercedes minibus at your hotel the next morning.

Today we would like to invite you to the surroundings of Munich, the land of mountains and lakes, as part of our castle tour (

You’ve probably heard of Neuschwanstein Castle, the tourist attraction in Bavaria. As part of our day trip, we also stop here and give you a few hours to admire the castle extensively, both from the outside and the inside. Who needs Disneyland? In addition to Neuschwanstein Castle, there is also a trip to idyllic Oberammergau and a visit to another castle (Linderhof Castle) on the daily schedule. Always accompanied by your minibus, which brings you comfortably and safely from A to B. If you have eyes between the different stops, that’s no problem. After all, you’re just here to enjoy it – the driver takes care of the steering wheel. However, you should not miss too much of the impressive landscape … if the weather is right you might even see the Alps with their snow-capped peaks in the distance.

You would prefer other sights in the Munich area? No problem, we will gladly provide you with an individually tailored route on request.

A matter of the heart

Maybe you have already read it between the lines – our business is a matter of the heart, as is the city of Munich. This is also reflected in our offer as well as in our distinctive service concept. So the booking with us is not rocket science, on the contrary. Just read a little further.

From the idea to the booking, STM has no other way. Call us, ideally at the usual office hours, in our Munich headquarter or write us an e-mail with your ideas and wishes. Together, we then agree on the perfect, exclusively for you tailored package.

Our team

STM is backed by a competent, international four-person core team. We are happy to help you in German, English, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Our range includes not only the aforementioned minibus but also much larger or smaller vehicles, which are in any case at least as comfortable and luxurious. More here:

At STM, it’s all about the customer, so you. We would like to offer you a complete feel-good program, so that you can enjoy your time in Munich to the fullest – or in this case in cozy cars. Whether holiday, business trip or other official occasion, we are happy to help. Bye for now!

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