Medical Transfer

Use Germany’s best medicine, we take you there.

Due to the medical measures offered in Germany of an excellent standard and at the highest medical level, Germany has long been the focus of international health tourism. Germany has a area-wide coverage of highly specified medical centers in different disciplines, with highly qualified medical doctors that you will not find concentrated in other countries. Here, we may also be able to provide some useful German contacts that may be of interest to you. We would be happy to help you with the preparation and implementation of your trip and of course also with the search for the right centers if you have not yet decided in advance.

Please let us arrange your stay as a patient to be as comfortable as possible. When you have no family member as an accompanying person, then we can even arrange a personal assistant for you in addition to our driver. We will help you with all the formal papers in relation to your treatment and discharge, help find a hotel, and also organize a translator if needed, leaving you to concentrate just on you medical treatment.

Concentrate primarily on your medical treatment and then on a speedy recovery. Let us help you to feel better again soon – and above all, let us distract you a little on the sidelines of your therapy. You will see how quickly you will feel better if, in addition to your stay in the clinic, you take your free time Round off the time between treatments with a leisure program put together according to your personal wishes.

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