Your guide to Munich International Airport

The Munich airport is the second busiest airport in Germany after Frankfurt. It is also considered one of the top airports in Europe and has an immense amount of air traffic daily. Most of Lufthansa’s flight, which goes all over the world, have a Munich connection.

The Munich airport is the second busiest airport in Germany after Frankfurt. It is also considered one of the top airports in Europe and has an immense amount of air traffic daily. Most of Lufthansa’s flight, which goes all over the world, have a Munich connection.

As airports could be a puzzling, especially those big ones, it might be a good idea to study a guide to those you are travelling to or connecting to other cities. Let’s discover the guide to Munich’s Franz Josef Strauß airport.

General facts about Munich International Airport

The Munich airport is located at 28.5 km north of the center of Munich. It has 2 terminals, the newer one being inaugurated in 2003. Because Terminal 2 of the airport had exceeded his limit capacity, Lufthansa in partnership with the Munich Airport administration have built a satellite building and terminal. Because this satellite facility is not exactly built as a stand-alone terminal, it has no direct connections to transportation outside the airport. This is linked to Terminal 2 by an underground transportation system.

The airport code for Munich is MUC and it’s located in Erdinger Moos spreading over 1,500 ha. The airport has two runaways each 4 km long.

Public transport to/from Munich International Airport

There are various public buses that serve the airport area. There is Lufthansa Express Line that goes to the center of Munich, at Hauptbahnhof. This is available to all passengers not only Lufthansa’s and comes every 20 minutes, while the ride to the center takes around 35 minutes. This shuttle bus departs from both terminals and you can buy tickets directly from the driver. During important exhibitions there is a special shuttle bus that goes from airport directly to the exhibition center Munich Messe.

The commuter trains network called S-Bahn has direct connection between the airport and the city center. There are two main lines that run on this route, S1 and S8. Trains leave every 20 minutes and the trip to Munich central station takes around 45 minutes.

Private transport options to/from the munich International Airport

As in every European airport you have a variety of private transfers to the city: taxis, ride sharing services like Uber, Lyft, etc. and chauffeur transfers. Do not forget that Munich Airport is amongst the busiest and biggest in Europe with over 40 million passengers annually. Therefore, expect large waiting lines for taxis and a long waiting time for a ride share.

Under these conditions, either you are travelling for leisure or business, you should make sure you’ve made pans beforehand in regards to your private transfer to Munich. The best option for you would be to book a chauffeur service. You will be able to continue your travel experience in style, reach Munich in time and in a comfortable manner.

Where to eat in the Munich International Airport

There are over 60 places offering food throughout the entire airport. The choice for food is incredible with fast food options and also international foods available in cafés, restaurants or bistros. You can even go grocery shopping if needed, since an Edeka shop is to be found between the two terminals.

If you want to try and taste some of the Bavarian meals, then we suggest visiting Airbrau, Dallmayr Bistro, Erdinger Bar & Garden, Kaffer Bistro, Leysieffer, Sissi & Franz, Tante Ju’s Speisenwerkstatt, etc.

There is a range of international food specialties that can be found in Selmans, Sportalm, the Flave, 4 URBS where you can find street food, etc. One special choice in the international category is the Cloud 7 place because it gives you a view of the taxiways.

If you are into Italian food or travelling with children and in urgent need of a pizza, then we suggest going for a bite at Amo, Bagutta, Boconero or Spazio Italia. And if you are one to eat healthy and look for organic choices then you can eat something at Bistro Organic.

Where to sleep near the Munich International Airport

If your business is near the airport or you just need to spend overnight for your connecting flight, you can book a room at one of the hotels in Munich Airport.

Hilton Munich Airport is located inside the airport just between terminal 1 and 2. The hotel has an 8.6 rating on and a lot of facilities like a spa, a 24 hours gym and a pool.

The other two options that are extremely close to the airport, just 5 minutes away, are NH München Airport and Novotel Munich Airport. Novotel is a pet-friendly hotel with a rating of over 8 and a 4 stars hotel. NH Munich Airport is also a 4-stars hotel with a spa, but it has the advantage of offering a shuttle bus from the Munich Airport Center and also from terminal two to the hotel. It departs every 30 minutes.

Other important information

Maybe you’ve never imagined that an airport could have its own brewery. But well, we are in the land of the mother of beer, so Munich Airport has its own brewery: Airbrau. It offers three different types of beer and they even launch seasonal products. You can find this brewery on Terminal 1.

Around Christmas the airport becomes a great Christmas market. There over 40 stands that serve all the Bavarian delicacies and products you can think of. You can find a lot of Christmas products and entertainment including one big skating rink.

If you want to take a short nap or even sleep for a night, your alternative to an airport hotel is a Nap Cab. These modern “rooms” are self-service sleeping pods. These cabs have a bed, internet access, blinds and a small desk. They are a bit pricey since they charge by hour, but they are at your disposal in 4 different locations inside terminal 2.

One very important facility Munich Airport has is the Kinderland. Here you can leave your kids for some time, the price is on an hourly base, if your flight gets delayed or you have several hours to spend, and they are fussy. Children between three and ten can be left here to enjoy games and fun heled and supervised by members of the staff.

If you need real-time information regarding arrivals and departures to Munich Airport you can check their website

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